Temenos Retreat and Conference Center

The name Temenos is taken from a Greek word meaning the sacred space surrounding a temple or an altar. Carl Jung used this same word to refer to the inner space deep within us where soul-making takes place.

Temenos is a small rustic retreat and conference center, located on 78 acres on a small mountain in Massachusetts, 25 minutes from Amherst.

Here, we remember the sacredness of our natural world, rekindling our connections to the earth, water, and all the creatures and growing things inhabiting this temenos.

In our forest setting guests are away from electricity and telephone, taking their water from our well.

Explore paths and hiking trails, a look-out ledge for star gazing and sunsets, a labyrinth, a small pond for swimming and skating. There are remnants of the historical past when Mount Mineral was a well-known health spa famous for its mineral springs. Nearby are biking and cross-country skiing trails.
the well in winter

The founders of Temenos, Joe and Teresina Havens, lived here from 1973 to 1989. They were Quakers with a strong interest in Buddhism. Their vision was to provide a simpler life-style “devoted to the healing and renewal of persons, groups and the wider society”. Here, seekers live caringly and reverently with themselves and other beings, respecting, preserving and nurturing the natural environment. In returning to the natural cycles of the earth, we learn to live in balance with nature.

Open time in your busy life for “the fresh energies, the healing touch, the guiding currents of that Deep Flow which is present within us.” Shed the tensions of your world as you enjoy your slow walk, a pleasant half-mile up our unpaved lane. Listen to the bird songs, the wind in the hemlocks. Go within, be refreshed, at peace.

one cabin bed
The Cabins

Temenos has four cabins, open all year round. They are suitable for individuals, families or small groups. Each cabin is unique – the smallest holds 2, and the largest 6 persons.

They are furnished simply, with beds, a table and chairs, and a kerosene lamp. A wood stove will keep your cabin cozy in the winter and the wood is already cut and split. There is a small propane burner at each cabin for cooking, as well as basic eating and cooking utensils, pots, dishes, etc.

What to Bring

• a sleeping bag and pillow case

• towel and toiletries

• candles (unscented tapers are best)

• flashlight &/or headlamp with extra batteries

• food you will prepare at your cabin

• bug repellent, in season

• Printed Driving Directions

Thank you, for leaving your pets at home.

one cabin living

the lodge inside

The Lodge

The Lodge is a large open space suitable for conferences, meetings, workshops, family gatherings, dancing or celebrations of all kinds. Skylights, a screened porch and a deck bring the natural world in for meditation or yoga.

Small groups are comfortable in this space; larger groups of 20 are easily accommodated.

There is a fully equipped kitchen with a stove, refrigerator and hot water heater, all fueled by propane. Futons and foam pads are available for sleeping in the great room or on the screened porch. Two wood stoves give warmth on chilly nights.
The Lodge is open from April through October.

To learn more, please contact Cheryl Harrell for fees, information, reservations and further directions.

65 Mount Mineral Road
Shutesbury, MA 01072